(a) Scrutineering Job比賽計分
Scrutineering Fees of $1,500-HK for the whole Package of Scrutineering Service for any one day competition in Hong Kong
計分服務全包費用$1,500-HK, 以在香港的一天比賽計算
(b) Performing or arranging performances (shows) 表演 或 安排表演
Ballroom or Latin-American Dances, in Hong Kong otr overseas – by Lawrence Chan & Gertrude Ko ; or other less or higher profile couples (students or friends of Lawrence & Gertrude)
標準舞或拉丁舞, 在香港或外地 – 陳航行/高玉文 或其他較低/高層次的表演者 (陳航行/高玉文的學生或朋友)
(c) to assist entering different Ballroom/DanceSport Competitions/Championships all over the World