DanceSport Sponsorships

We organized our very own first ever DanceSport Championships (1st Come Dancing Cup) in 1993 with ourselves doing the demonstrations. Since then, we have tried our very best to promoting DanceSport in Hong Kong by organizing Come Dancing Cup and inviting top Professional Latin couples as performers Non-Stop. Corky & Shirley Ballas was the first couple that we invited at 2nd Come Dancing Cup! From 1999, we organized another championships (1st Best of Best) in Christmas time. From 2005, we took over the task of organizing our third competition (2nd ISTD Cup) in the year. Ironically, in organizing these championships over the past years, we only have had small sponsorships occasionally. More often, we might get no sponsorships at all! Unconditionally, we still keep on organizing and promoting DanceSport in Hong Kong as our missions. Unfortunately, due to disconnection of communications, ISTD Cup was discontinued in 2015. On 14th February 2011, Hong Kong Ballroom Dancers International (HKBDI) was born. I organized the inaugural championships under the name of HKBDI in February 2012 named as 1st HKBDFI Cup, which means this cup will be held every February ; In October 2012 & 2013, HKBDI was sponsored by Central & Western District Board to build the new event of Handover Cup. From 2014, the Handover Cup will be shifted to June - nearer to the date of Hong Kong Handover to China Sovereignty. No advertisement is allowed to be published at Handover Cup programme.

If any dance fans, entities, organizations, fellow professionals, friends, students would like to contribute to our missions, there is one simple, easy and productive way, i.e. put down advertisements in our Programmes for the following three events:
(23rd Come Dancing Cup) ((16h Best of Best) (4thHKBDFICup)

The dates of these events please refer to the “Coming Events”

Lawrence Chan (& Gertrude Ko)



我們於1993年第一次主辦體育舞蹈錦標賽(第一屆起舞盃), 我們自己担任表演嘉賓, 從那時起, 我們歇盡所能, 繼續每年主辦“起舞盃”及邀請世界頂級拉丁舞高手來港獻技, 以達致推動舞運的目的, 第二屆起舞盃人氣急升的Corky & Shirley Ballas成為我們第一對邀請的海外表演嘉賓 ; 一九九九年開始, 我們於聖誕期間主辦另一個比賽(第一屆精英錦標賽) ; 二零零五年我們又接手主辦我們年中主辦的第三個比賽 (第二屆ISTD盃)。 諷刺地我們多年來主辦比賽祇間中得到多少贊助, 什麼贊助都沒有也屢試不爽! 但我們仍不離不棄、硬著頭皮繼續以主辦比賽作為履行推動香港舞運的任務。基於溝通不足, ISTD盃從2015年起停辦。2011年2月14日香港國際標準舞者會(“舞者會”)成立, 2012年2月我以舞者會名義創辦第一屆HKBDFI盃, HKBDFI盃將會繼續在每年二月舉行 ; 2012及2013年10月舞者會得到中西區贊助下舉辦回歸杯, 由2014年開始, 為切合回歸的主題, 回歸杯改在六月舉行,區議會規條回歸杯場刋沒有慶廣告。

假如各位舞友、前輩、團體、老師、朋友、學生有興趣為我們分担這個任務, 現在有一個簡單直接而又有建設性的方法, 就是在這三個賽事所印製的場刋刊登廣告, 廣告費請參看(第廿三屆起舞盃) (第+六屆精英錦標賽) (第四屆HK BDFI盃標準舞錦標)

至於每年這幾個賽期請參看 “節目預告”

陳航行 (& 高玉文)